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Choosing cheap extended stay hotels is a really smart choice if you have plans to stay for a week or longer. Why look for an apartment or rental house if cheap extended stay hotels can provide the same for a lot less money? All of your daily needs are satisfied at most extended stay lodging locations.

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Do you really need a pool or room service? The savings and the more home-like accommodations are far more satisfying and appealing than the usual motel or hotel accommodations.

There are a lot of cheap extended stay hotels in most cities that are great alternative motels. In Los Angeles at an Extended Stay America Hotel their policy states that you can bring a pet, which is perfect for adding some back home companionship while away from home.

People who are perfect for cheap extended stay hotels are iron workers, construction workers, insurance adjusters, salespeople, convention goers, and the list goes on for the people that are really missing out by not choosing extended stay motels and hotels.

Are you someone who doesn’t like using other people’s silverware or dishes, then why not choose an extended stay hotel and bring your own cookware or dishes. If you know you are going to set up home for a week or more, you can pack accordingly and feel much more at ease at your less expensive extended stay motel lodging when you bring a piece of home with you.

Many extended stay motels and hotels do not have online reservations available, but if you look up ‘cheap extended stay hotels’ for the city you will be visiting, take down the name and address and call for your accommodations requests. Don’t give up, before long you will find an extended stay motel or hotel that fits all of your needs.

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